Leighs values underpin everything we do

Leighs is a forward thinking and innovative company that likes to get the best out of talented people. Anyone who joins our organisation will know straight away that they have dedicated colleagues, who get genuine support, so they can perform well in their jobs.

The level of support offered here, and the commitment to continue to recruit proven professionals and genuinely good people, means working in this environment is pretty challenging but fun! We move at a pace that meets our clients' needs, while investing in the personal and professional development of our team.

We are all involved in unique and exciting construction projects, so if you are an individual who is passionate, innovative and always on the lookout for opportunities, we are certain you would enjoy the company culture and environment at Leighs.

Leighs values underpin everything we do and were developed in conjunction with our whole team. We are very proud of our Leighs P.P.E - our values:

Our purpose and vision

Our purpose

To be a high-performing team of passionate, highly capable people delivering profitable construction projects safely, and exceeding our clients’ expectations

Our vision

To be a sought-after New Zealand project delivery and construction company with high levels of technical competence, enabling us to leave a legacy of proudly and safely constructed buildings